End User Services

Comprehensive & Non Comprehensive Services

Minesource India Pvt Ltd addresses the growing need of organizations to manage information systems & infrastructure more effectively and efficiently. Minesource focuses on Technology Enablement and total ownership of Information system Management & IT infrastructure to deliver enterprise-level Comprehensive & Non-Comprehensive Services through technically equipped man power & strong logistics support at the back end.

Facility Management  Services

We deliver a skill-set to measure & accurately survey users’ prerequisites for IT Infrastructure, 

asset management & support and provide an organization that surpasses client expectations to manage the maintenance of the technical facilities.

Our management & maintenance services adopt a multidimensional approach to the vexatious issue of IT infrastructure management & maintenance services, that is a blend of quality manpower, timely response & cost-effectiveness, here, we are extremely competent in providing services on the technologies that is vendor-neutral and comprise the building automation and security management services that are reliable and cost-effective.


Bring Your Own Device – An evolving trend of hybrid work model where employees use their personal devices for work purposes.
It’s easier for companies to allow employees to use their own devices at home, in the office, or from any other location. Personal laptops, smartphones, tablets, and USB devices are now used for company purposes, and those devices can access company networks with respect to applied security policies.

BYOD is considered an excellent way to boost productivity.

Cost is another reason why many businesses have embraced BYOD policies. While companies previously had to pay for the hardware, software, and service contracts to use mobile devices,

BYOD policies smartly shift/merge those costs with employees. The employee is the one buying the phone or tablet as well as the service contract that goes with it, freeing businesses from having to cover those expenses.

Here MINESOURCE partners with below to manage & comply with BYOD policies as per the organization’s standards.


Employee Purchase Program is a scheme usually offered by Govt. bodies / PSUs or Corporates, where they pass the benefits to their employees, to procure latest electronic gadgets as per the set norms.

Here MINESOURCE partners with below to offer exclusive deals as per required employee’s choice